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Seed phrase security

Hi So was just wondering, how secure is this seed phrase you get with wallets ? For example trust wallet, 12 word seed phrase and noone can brute force that? View Reddit by 3xternally - View Source

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Help flashing custom firmware to TrezorT

I am a developer and want to test custom firmwares on my TrezorT. When trying to flash a custom firmware onto the device, I receive this message: `trezorctl firmware-update --filename ./build/core/firmware/firmware.bin --skip-check` `Update failed: ProcessError: Invalid firmware header` ​ I…

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Trezor Model T

Hi, I am new to hardware wallets so any help would be great. I have recently purchased a trezor t. how do i transfer coins eg. btt, shiba, doge etc to trezor. how will the token be reflected in the…

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should i buy Trezor Model T ?

Hello Guys I'm thinking about buying a Trezor Model T. It would be my first Hardware Wallet. I want mainly to store BTC,ADA,ETH, IOTA,XRP, ATA, CHZ,ENJ, BTT, TRX,VET and BNB. It there anything specific i've to check for ? As…

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