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Gimme some tips (i am new to tor so dont be mean if i am asking something stupid)

So I download some stuff from darknet (i know its adviced not to, but i still wanna. Its not cp or anything just random videos and books i find) and i want to know what steps i can take to be safe. Until now i used to use a vpn (expressvpn , does it store logs?) But i feel like its not enough.
Some guy i met on a gc gave some tips on how to be completely anonymous and those were kinda too advanced for me (like using sordum application blocker to restrict imternet access to video player and stuff like that )

I just want to know how to stay completely hidden, so if you guys know anything, write down in the comments.

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    If you need to download the Tor browser still or unsure if you have the correct browser to use, go here to [**download the official Tor Browser Bundle**](

    Not quite sure how Tor works? [**This section**]( on The Tor Project website might help you understand better.

    If you are looking for .onion directories, indexes, or search engines, please check the sidebar here for some starting points.

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