How to Card Walmart (Method still works as of Sept. 2022)

Walmart is one of the biggest online retailers, and it is absolutely incredible to card. If you know what you are doing, carding this website is very easy. You can choose to apply a LEVEL 2 CARDING OR LEVEL 3 CARDING technique to this website, it is up to you depending on the value of what you want to card. However, I highly recommend you use Walmart for LEVEL 3 CARDING operations since it is such a great website that we can take advantage of so easily. They usually don’t do any type of manual verification for orders below $700, anything above that will require the same process we used for Newegg & TigerDirect.

3 Simple Steps to Card Walmart

Step One: Choose your items & checkout like normal, once you get to the part where you input your CC info, use a LEVEL 3 CC. I have found that using “Matched Bin” works 99.99% of the time on ALL websites. After inputting all your information, click “submit order” and boom, you should see a “Success” Page telling you that your order went through without any problems!

Step Two: Now simply wait 1-2 days (I suggest 2 days just to be on the safe side) & go check your email inbox or spam folder for an email from Walmart containing your tracking information. Once you find it, open the email & click on the “Track Your Order” button next to your order number. This will take you directly to the UPS website where you can enter in your tracking number & see exactly where your shipment is & when it will arrive! That simple! Just remember that most items ship from California so depending on what state you live in, it will take longer for the items to arrive than if they were being shipped from within your state. 🙂

Step Three: Congrats! By now you should have received your shipment from Walmart & all there is left to do now is sit back & enjoy your new merchandise that YOU GOT FOR FREE!!! NOW isn’t carding amazing?!? You can do this over & over again with ANY website out there as long as they don’t manually verify orders! The sky really is the limit when it comes to carding so never stop learning & perfecting your skills! 🙂

As you can see, carding Walmart is extremely easy and only requires 3 simple steps. Anyone can do it as long as they have a valid credit card and access to the internet. Carding is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to get free stuff from almost any website out there. So what are you waiting for? Start carding today!


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