How to use virtual machines for carding success

Virtual machines are based on computer architectures and provide functionality of a physical computer. They allow you to run an operating system using an app window on your desktop that behaves like a full, separate computer. The most used software for virtual machines are respectively, Virtual Box and VMWare. Unfortunately, they are not as reliable as using an RDP, but they are very good to CONNECT to an RDP, so as to leave no traces on your original computer. Windows and OS X are still not reliable enough in the aspect of leaving no traces, as the virtual machine in these operating systems, can still be monitored.

Linux is the most recommended operating system to use when it comes to setting up a virtual machine for carding purposes. This is because Linux is much more difficult to be monitored, as opposed to Windows and OS X. Whonix is a privacy focused Linux distribution that consists of two virtual machines, which are connected to each other through the Tor network. This makes it even more difficult for someone to monitor your activity, as all traffic is routed through the Tor network.

In order to set up a virtual machine running Linux, you will first need to download and install VirtualBox or VMWare. Once you have done this, you will need to download an ISO file of a Linux distribution such as Debian or Ubuntu. Once you have downloaded the ISO file, you will need to create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox or VMWare and select the ISO file as the boot disk. Once the virtual machine has been created, you can boot it up and install the Linux distribution of your choice.

Once you have a virtual machine running Linux, you will need to install the following software:

– A VPN service: This is necessary in order to prevent your ISP from monitoring your traffic.
– The Tor Browser: This is necessary in order to browse the internet anonymously.
– A carding forum: This is where you will find all of the information you need in order to get started with carding.

Once you have installed all of the necessary software, you are ready to start carding. In order to find cards to buy, you will need to search for “carding forums”. These are websites where people buy and sell stolen credit card information. Once you have found a carding forum, you will need to create an account and then start browsing the available products. When you find a product that you want to purchase, you will need to pay for it using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Once the purchase is made, the stolen credit card information will be emailed to you. You can then use this information to make purchases online.

Just remember, when using a virtual machine for carding purposes, it is important to take all necessary precautions in order to prevent your identity from being compromised.

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