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Jeff Bezos awkwardly cut-off emotional William Shatner to start champagne showers

Jeff Bezos awkwardly cut-off emotional William Shatner to start champagne showers

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  1. I’m glad Captain Kirk survived his maiden voyage into space. That’s the main thing.

    Now the Vulcans can come. Hurry up, Vulcans. We did our part.

  2. Is he missing part of his brain, or is this some type of artificial *alpha* behaviour he thinks he is carrying out? Regardless of which, he is nauseating.

  3. What a real piece of work , takes no time to enjoy the moment with a living legend experiencing a dream come true

  4. This really pissed me off, but at least Shatner got to talk in the end. It was a privilege to be able to hear his thoughts immediately after the flight, and to see the raw emotions.

  5. Bezos does not have the ability to interact with others on an emotional level. Otherwise he’d never allow his company to treat its employees like the only value they have is making him more money. He’s soulless.

  6. Lex Bezos’s inner monologue:

    “‘Get Shatner’ they said, ‘it’ll be great publicity!’ they said. Now I have to stand here and pretend to give a crap about what this washed up old man thinks? Screw that! Where’s the champagne?”

    What an absolute ass.

  7. At this point it is more newsworthy if Bezos gets on TV and doesn’t do something cringeworthy. I saw someone describe him as the most divorced man on the planet when he showed up for the first flight in that ridiculous cowboy hat and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

  8. Jeff should have had that bouncing woman in blue body paint and a bunch of inflatable dinosaur with swords waiting

  9. Bezos is a sociopath. Always has been. He has no care. He wants to control the world. He used Shatner for the publicity.

    Shatner was moving and inspiring and humbled and Bezos is the drug dealer looking to sell his stock going yeah man yeah

  10. Is he jealous that Bill had an overview effect moment and he didn’t? Because that would be kind of a terrifying.

  11. Bezos expertly decides whats really important.
    After all his finger is on the pulse of society!

    …slowly depriving our brains of oxygen.

  12. His time quota to be emotional was over.

    On to the next thing in the schedule. Ain’t nobody got time to wait around.

  13. I saw this live with the sound turned off and it’s even more obvious how much of a non-self-aware douchebag Bezos really is.

  14. To be honest, Shatner was rambling, on and on. When an open bottle was handed to him, Bezos sprayed a bit then tossed the bottle and returned to listen to Capt. Kirk’s rambling. He didn’t appear rude at all

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