Non VBV/MSC BINs (Bank Identification Numbers) List is an important tool for credit card fraudsters to gain access to payment card information. A BIN, also known as an Issuer Identification Number (IIN), is the first six digits of a payment card number that serves to identify the card issuer. The first four digits usually stand for the issuer’s bank code and the two remaining ones are the country code. Knowing the BIN, criminals can create counterfeit cards since all the important information is encoded in the first few digits of a card.

In order to remain undetected, fraudsters prefer using Non VBV/MSC BINs. VBV stands for Verified by Visa and MSC stands for MasterCard SecureCode. These are the additional security layers used by financial institutions to confirm the customer’s identity. And since VBV/MSC BINs require more verification to accomplishing a successful transaction, criminals avoid using them.

Non VBV/MSC BINs List helps criminals easily update their databases with the newly issued BINs. It contains thousands of cards that don’t have additional security layers, thus making them perfect for forging counterfeit cards. So, knowing the right BIN to use, fraudsters can easily complete purchases online or in stores.

It’s important to understand that criminals require access to this list in order to create their fraudulent cards. For example, they might buy the list on the dark web or other malicious websites. Moreover, they can also search for opportunities to crack into merchants’ systems, which would give them easy access to thousands of customer’s payment cards.

Overall, it is important to remember that Non VBV/MSC BINs List can help fraudsters commit various types of credit card fraud. Organizations and businesses should ensure that their security measures are up to date to protect their customers from the malicious use of Non VBV/MSC BINs list.

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